6 Digital Marketing Strategy Must-Haves For Growth In 2023

6 Digital Marketing Strategy Must-Haves For Growth In 2023

Updated on: 15 November 2022

6 Digital Marketing Strategy Must-Haves For Growth In 2023

The digital marketing landscape is forever changing. It’s incredibly unpredictable too. As more and more people are on the internet daily, the demand for technology also grows. Consumers, nowadays, expect a lot from businesses in terms of user experience, which is a major deciding factor in purchasing a product or engaging in a service.

With the new year coming in fast, it’s only fitting for your business to start planning your digital marketing strategy for 2023. It will be such a waste if you don’t take advantage of the fact that there are over 5 billion people on social media and other online platforms and communities nowadays.

This 2023, make sure your company is equipped with the necessary tools, skill sets, and knowledge to succeed and dominate in this ever-evolving arena.

Digital marketing insights you need to have in 2023

Suppose your business has been struggling this year, particularly in the marketing department. In that case, you need to take inspiration from the following digital marketing trends to ensure your efforts pay off in the end.

1. Influencer Marketing

2022 is definitely the biggest year for all influencers. Currently, there are between 32 million and 37.8 million influencers across social media platforms, including TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. There are an estimated 37 million influencers on Instagram alone.

These people have a following of between 1,000 and over 1 million followers. This form of social media marketing is used to promote brands, organisations, businesses, products, and services. Although companies that collaborate with these social media personalities spend a good amount of money to keep these influencers on their payroll, the positive impact and the increase in conversion rates they bring simply by promoting brands, products, or services, recoup whatever marketing budget those businesses spend on this marketing strategy.

Influencer marketing continues to look promising as more companies and organisations plan to increase their spending on this marketing segment in 2023.

2. Automated Marketing Tools

Chatbots became more popular this year because they are helpful to businesses. These AI-powered messaging bots help companies provide customer support, significantly improving user experience. Aside from that, they can be programmed to promote products and services, enhancing marketing efforts.

Marketing experts predict that chatbots will become more popular as they can be expected to be more state-of-the-art and realistic. As messaging bots become more lifelike, they’ll be more capable of instantaneously handling more complex queries and tasks. This minimises the need for human customer service representatives.

Similarly, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have a more active role in digital marketing in the coming year. Top agencies are already investing in this technology to support their marketing efforts. AI has become an essential marketing tool to analyse calls and provide valuable insights that companies can utilise to improve their keyword and overall marketing strategies.

3. User-Generated Content

It is vital to never underestimate the crucial role of SEO in the digital marketing world.

User-generated content (UGC) is a vital marketing and SEO tool that businesses and organisations can take advantage of. UGC is the kind of content created by consumers for fellow consumers. These include unboxing videos, reviews, hashtags, and photos of products bought from certain brands. These kinds of content allow brands to reach new audiences and strengthen their connection with existing customers.

What makes UGC an effective marketing tool is that it takes authenticity to the next level because the videos, reviews, and posts are made by real customers, encouraging other consumers to trust the brands promoted in those kinds of content. Moreover, it improves your search engine optimisation strategy because it helps increase the time visitors spend on your website.

4. Form Builders

Data gathering through third-party cookies will be changed due to privacy laws worldwide. Because of this, marketers are proactively looking for ways to collect data.

An online form builder is one of the most popular zero-party tools many businesses use nowadays. Data collection forms make collecting user information more streamlined and less invasive to people’s privacy. They are customisable, easy to use, and make organising data a breeze. Using this tool ensures that you’ll be able to collect pertinent customer information that will help you make the necessary adjustments to your products and services.

5. Email Marketing

Even though email marketing has been around for decades now, it is still, by far, one of the most effective digital marketing methods used by companies across the globe. An estimated 89% of marketers say they continue using email marketing to generate leads. This means that it’s a must-have in your digital marketing arsenal in 2023.

Email marketing is a powerful way to promote product launches and reach out to new and existing customers. Email can significantly widen profit margins during a crucial time like your product launch.

6. Live Streaming

The popularity of live streaming or live video content took off when TikTok was introduced. Other social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, then followed suit. This kind of content is such a huge hit among millennials and Gen Z consumers. As a matter of fact, people in those age ranges spent 548 billion hours streaming content through mobile devices. These videos also allow brands to engage with their prospects directly. Similarly, influencers use live streaming to demonstrate the products or services they promote.

In a nutshell

Simply put, your business must focus on digital marketing strategies that improve the user experience further. Pay attention to what your competitors are doing so you will know what you’re missing out on. On top of that, you also need to keep yourself up to date with the latest and hottest digital marketing trends to ensure that you’ll be able to make crucial adjustments in your marketing plans for the coming year. Consider enlisting the services of a digital marketing agency in the Malaysia as well – these experts are equipped with the professional know-how to help you grow your business.