7 Tips To Improve Thank You Page And Boost ROI In 2022

7 Tips To Improve Thank You Page And Boost ROI In 2022

Updated on: 16 February 2022

7 Tips To Improve Thank You Page And Boost ROI In 2022

One of the keys to increasing customer retention is ensuring customer satisfaction, from the moment they land on your homepage or landing page up until they check out or exit from your site. Remember, personalization helps boost customer engagement, which in turn increases sales conversions.

Have you ever wondered why some people leave a tip at a table after dining out or with the bellman after checking out of a hotel?

People are generous if they are happy with the service they receive. This makes them more inclined to leave tips or let the cashier keep the change.

Did you know that you can replicate this online?

While online buyers can’t let you keep the change or leave a tip, they can, however, do other things that will boost conversions and increase your ROI.

The answer lies in your Thank You page.

The importance of Thank You pages

Unlike a brick-and-mortar store, your staff won’t be able to personally greet and thank customers for doing business with you. But with a Thank You page, you’ll be able to express your gratitude toward them for making a purchase.

Thanking your customer for taking your desired action is important no matter what your goals are. This proves to customers that they are doing business with a real person with real thoughts and emotions, and not a robot. On top of that, it makes your customers and prospects feel that you value their time on your site, making them want to do business with you again in the near future.

For an online business, the best way to show gratitude to all website visitors is to incorporate Thank You pages on your site that visitors will see when they complete a call-to-action. No matter what your call-to-action is, whether it’s simply signing up for a newsletter, downloading an informative guide, or purchasing a product, Thank You pages play a crucial role in helping visitors decide whether to come back to your site or not.

A visitor completing a call-to-action while on your site is the perfect opportunity to engage with them one more time. Thank You pages allow you to not leave visitors hanging as they exit out of your site. It provides them closure and a clear idea of what they can expect after completing a call-to-action. It can be sending a gift or samplers or offering a special discount. What matters is that you leave a clear and concise message to avoid confusing visitors and thus, putting them off.

How to increase ROI with a Thank You page

Some businesses might feel there’s no more work left to be done after users take a specific call to action. Neglecting to set up a Thank You page can cause you to miss out on a valuable opportunity to build a strong bond with prospects.

Use the following methods to optimize your Thank You pages and improve the customer experience on your site.

1. Make the page shareable

Aside from raking in more sales from new customers, Thank You pages can be the perfect tool to up your referral marketing strategy. Keep in mind that “word-of-mouth” marketing is still as effective as it was eons ago. This is why you want to make sure your Thank You pages encourage sharing.

As simple as adding a share button on such pages can help you spread the word about your business. Another way to do it is to add social media buttons to let visitors know that they can easily share their experience with your brand.

2. Link it to high-performing content

The number one aim of Thank You pages is to bring in as many new clients as possible to your site and at the same time maximize your profits. To do this, you need to include links of high-performing content on your Thank You pages, which could be a high-ranking post, infographic, free courses or guides, resource lists, instructional videos, and the like. The point is that you pique their interests more while they are highly engaged.

You can offer these free sources as a way of thanking them for signing up for your newsletter or buying from you. This helps in your long-term brand-building efforts, which can also drive conversions almost instantaneously. Similarly, it can boost the ranking of your site, which reinforces your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

3. Ask visitors for their opinions

People always love it when you ask them their opinion, especially when it comes to their experience with a brand. It’s a quick, easy, and cost-effective way to make them feel valued.

When using this tactic, it’s important that you keep questions short. Asking visitors 5 to 10 questions is ideal because you’re showing them that you value their time. Aside from that, you should give users an idea of how long the survey will take so they can decide whether they want to answer the questions or not. It’s also a good idea to use Google forms, as they are free and easy to use.

4. Ask users to tell you more about themselves

Now, this is something quite tricky. You don’t want your prospects or loyal customers to feel like you’re spying on them. You want to make sure that you ask the right questions – their wants, needs, interests, and more. You can also ask them about the challenges they are currently facing, reasons for purchasing a particular product, as well as improvements they want to see from your products or services and your brand. You can then use the data that you’ll be able to collect to enhance your marketing strategy and create new and better-quality content.

5. Build trust and credibility

Social proofs with convincing copywriting on landing pages can improve conversions. This is why reviews and influencer endorsements are always visible where the “Buy Now” button is on product pages. However, there is no reason why trust-building should stop after the initial conversion.

To create long-term relationships with new customers, you should grab every chance you get to engage with them and build trust and credibility. This is where video reviews on your Thank You pages come in handy. Since video reviews are more credible than text, you’ll be able to convince new customers or visitors to trust you more. Aside from that, you can add a logo montage of reputable publications or award-giving bodies that recognize your brand to boost your credibility even more.

6. Offer special discounts and promotions

Buyers appreciate value not only in terms of price but also when it comes to getting exclusive offerings. Since buying is an emotional process – people usually buy based on their feelings toward a product or brand – offering special discounts and promotions through your Thank You pages helps you leverage this psychological principle. And because customers who just made a purchase are highly engaged, it is the perfect opportunity to engage them even more.

People almost always grab exclusive deals because of the “fear of missing out” or FOMO idea. It’s a psychological driver that evokes an intense emotional reaction, pushing buyers into taking the desired action.

7. Upsell a product or service

You can offer low-ticket items on your Thank You pages to recoup the costs of acquiring new leads. This is putting a self-liquidating offer that will eventually cover your ad spending and convert new subscribers into paying customers.

Final words

A few things to keep in mind when boosting Thank You pages is not to overuse them. While this article highlights Thank You page best practices, you need to be careful which ones to follow. Keep in mind that you don’t want to overwhelm new visitors or customers by bombarding them with all the techniques mentioned above. As a rule of thumb, try one best practice first to test it and measure its results.